Samura BAMBOO Universal Kitchen Cleaver 7"/180mm from AUS 8 Japanese steel 59 HRC  

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Producer: Samura

About Samura:

SAMURA — a team of professionals who create uniquely designed, high-end knivesWe started our journey in 2003. We made our first product lines with the Japanese companies MAC and Mcusta. Japanese philosophy and traditions run deep in our DNA. We are absolutely sure that a Japanese knife cuts better than a European one. Japanese knives remain sharper longer and retain their edges longer.

Samura has been making its knives at production sites in four countries since 2010. We are currently producing 18 knife lines and a huge number of kitchen accessories. We use the best modern materials for the handle: Micarta, G10, stabilised wood, plastic with a soft-touch coating, Kraton, and composites.

BAMBOO knives

These professional knives are made of single-layered Japanese steel AUS-8 with the original steel handle in the form of a bamboo stalk. This handle ts in your hands perfectly and doesn’t slip out. It’s ideal for HoReCa.

The meat cleaver Samura Bamboo is a professional knife with a massive and very wide blade designed specifically for processing beef, pork and poultry. Thanks to its 40° cutting angle, it is able to cope effectively with fairly large bones, tendons and other hard tissues that the conventional kitchen knife can not handle.

It is absolutely indispensable for preparing a stuffed chicken. With this cleaver in your hand, you can easily sever the head of large fish or chop fish into steaks. A completely metallic design makes the meat cleaver absolutely hygienic.

Blade hardness 59 HRC
Blade length (mm) 180
Blade material Stainless steel
Blade type Cleaver
Handle material Stainless steel
Number of layers 1
Overall length (mm) 305
Weight (g) 410

Materials from Japan. Assembly in China.

Packed in original Samura packaging.

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