Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-pilka

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Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-mėlyna

Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-pilka


It is widely known that working, studying or watching movies occupy a large part of our lives. It is also obvious that since you are browsing this offer, apart from the previously mentioned activities, a lot of your time is taken up by duels in the gaming world, right? Yes of course! You are a gamer, you are looking for a gaming chair and you have specific expectations of a new companion of hours of online battles. And you know what? You've come to the right place!

Long gaming sessions are addicting but can be really tiring. Apart from the obvious eye strain, there is also an irritating body fatigue. Therefore, as a conscious consumer, you know that you need an armchair that will have a stable and comfortable seat, a perfectly contoured backrest supporting the spine and will be made of the highest quality materials. But it is not everything. Your experience and requirements make you expect something extra, something that will deserve your attention from the competition. And that's what the Sentinel armchair offers!

Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-pilka


The Sentinel model is a true guardian of quality and your comfort. As befits the top model from the SENSE7 product line, it confirms its class at every point in its impressive list of advantages. Ergonomic construction, materials used, functionalities and perfect design are only part of what this elegant beast hides.

This model is not only a perfect armchair for intense games with friends, or support in work and study. It is an armchair that, thanks to advanced solutions at an ultra-fast pace, can become a place of deep relaxation. One hand movement is enough to take a deep breath after an exhausting victory or organize your thoughts before the long-awaited rematch.

Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-pilka


Ergonomic armrests allow you to perfectly adjust the chair to your dimensions. The use of the FlowTech ™ Arm 3D system allows you to set them in three planes (up-down, right-left, front-back), so that all kinds of pain in the elbows and wrists will simply stop affecting you.

Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-pilka


Every element of the Sentinel model has been thought out to maximize your satisfaction. A special feature is the cold foam filling made in EasyFoam ™ technology, which perfectly adapts to the user's body, but at the same time effectively prevents the formation of creases even after a long period of use.

Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-pilka


Wins, promotions, passed exams, all this makes you happy and gives you satisfaction, but nothing is more important than health. That is why a professional armchair should not only be comfortable and look good, but also take care of you. This care is provided by additional pillows that support your spine in the two most exposed parts, the cervical and lumbar spine. Thanks to them, the next game, or the "last" episode of the series, will not mean back pain the next day.

To ensure freshness and comfort, at the point where the chair touches the body, there are additional recesses and stitching that supply air. In addition, a special fabric was used to make the upholstery of this model, which allows the skin to breathe, wicks away moisture and, most importantly, does not stick to the chair. Now even the longest game on hot days in the Setinel chair will be pure pleasure.

Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-mėlyna


The pillar of this model is a steel frame with a maximum load of 150 kg. The whole is based on a five-star base that ensures balance, to which large 60 mm nylon-rubber wheels are attached. The perfect combination of stability and dynamics of this structure makes you do not want to get up.

Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-mėlyna


Smooth and easy movement in the armchair around the room and sliding it out from behind the desk is ensured by wheels with a diameter of 60 mm. The wheels are made of rubber and nylon, thanks to which they do not damage the ground, and their strong multi-arm core guarantees permanent shape maintenance and reliability.


Of course, the Sentinel model is not only reserved for gamers. Its top specification makes it perfect for work, study, watching TV series or sports events. Due to its great and refined design, it can be successfully used in a player's room as well as in an elegant office. All you need to do is choose the right color version and use the chair wherever and whenever you want.

Žaidimų kėdė Sense7 Sentinel fabric Gaming Chair, Juoda-pilka


  • Model Name: Sentinel
  • Dimensions:
  • height: 120 - 128 cm
  • width: 72 cm
  • depth: 57 cm
  • Weight: 20.4 kg
  • Load: 150 kg
  • Recommended user height: up to 190 cm
  • Upholstery: HDF ™ fabric
  • Filling: EasyFoam ™ cold foam
  • Pillow filling: Breathable flexible HR foam
  • Lift: LiftControl ™
  • type: gas
  • class: 4
  • Base: Five-star polymer base
  • Wheels: RPM Tech ™
  • diameter: 60 mm
  • material: nylon / rubber
  • FlowTech ™ Arm 3D adjustment:
  • up and down
  • left-right turn
  • front back
  • Backrest angle adjustment FlowTech ™ Exo Pro
  • adjustment range: 90-160 o
  • FlowTech ™ Swing function


  • Comfortable and extremely dent-resistant cold foam
  • Upholstered in a breathable non-stick fabric
  • Additional pillows for the neck and lumbar area
  • Advanced systems enabling effective relaxation
  • Fully adjustable armrests
  • The design ensures balance even at the greatest excursions
  • Stylish design for gamers and the office
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