Valiklis Kodak Travel Cleaning Kit

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The Kodak Travel Cleaning Kit for Optics includes all the tools you need to care for and maintain your cameras.

The lens cleaner designed specifically for cleaning photographic lenses has a gentle formulation. It is alcohol-free, RoHS compliant and environmentally friendly. It effectively removes dust and stains.

The microfibre cloth is made of the highest quality material. It has a soft and delicate texture. It effectively removes stains, dirt and fingerprints. Laser cut edges prevent shredding.

Cleaning brush thanks to the use of special, synthetic bristles is extremely soft and delicate. It effectively collects and retains dust, cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Despite its compact design, the mini photo pear is extremely strong. It allows you to blow away dust and particles from the cleaned surfaces.

A damp cloth soaked in a special composition effectively removes dust, stains and fingerprints, while protecting against microorganisms. The product is biodegradable.
  • 1 × Mini photo pear
  • 1 × Professional cleaning brush
  • 5 × Lens cloth 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
  • 1 × Microfibre cloth 11.5 cm x 15 cm
  • 1 × Lens cleaner 30 ml
  • 10 × Damp cloth
  • 1 × Portable case
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Cleaning fluid, Microfibre cloth, Air blower, Cleaning brush, Cleaning papers
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