Įkrovik. Logitech Powered Pad 950-000011

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POWERED PAD\n10W wireless charger for phones, AirPods, and more.\n\nSIMPLY EFFORTLESS CHARGING\nEnjoy safe, reliable wireless charging with POWERED Pad. Leave charging cables behind and step up to a charger that fits effortlessly into your life and daily routine. Get ready for the smoothest wireless charging solution you’ve ever experienced.\n\nUNLOCK THE POSSIBILITIES OF WIRELESS CHARGING\nWelcome to a wireless world. POWERED Pad delivers reliable, universal wireless charging to your favorite devices including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel™ phones, and more. But it's not just for phones — if your device is wireless enabled, POWERED Pad can charge it. This includes AirPods, AirPods Pro, Logitech Zone Wireless Headsets, and more.\n\nFAST CHARGING FOR SAMSUNG PHONES\nPOWERED Pad is capable of delivering 9W Fast Charging to Samsung phones — nearly double the 5W charging speed of standard wireless chargers. You’ll be able to charge your phone up and get on with your day faster than ever.\n\nFAST CHARGING FOR iPhone\nGet the most you can from your iPhone. POWERED Pad was fine-tuned for iPhone to provide up to 7.5W of fast-charging power—exceeding the standard 5W other wireless chargers may deliver. Now you’ll be able to spend less time charging and more time doing.\n\nCHARGE YOUR AirPods, TOO\nWhat good is a fully charged phone if you can’t listen to your favorite music and podcasts? That’s why POWERED Pad works for more than phones—you can also enjoy safe, reliable charging for your AirPods and AirPods Pro.\n\nDESIGNED TO FIT ANY ROOM AND ANY STYLE\nGive your space a stylish-yet-functional upgrade. POWERED Pad was crafted to look great anywhere—desks, nightstands, coffee tables, and more. Logitech’s design team has won hundreds of awards and they’ve poured all of that experience into the look and feel of POWERED Pad.\n\nDESIGNED TO FIT ANY ROOM AND ANY STYLE\nGive your space a stylish-yet-functional upgrade. POWERED Pad was crafted to look great anywhere—desks, nightstands, coffee tables, and more. Logitech’s design team has won hundreds of awards and they’ve poured all of that experience into the look and feel of POWERED Pad.\n\nGLOW MEANS GO\nIs the light glowing? Then you’re charging. The charging indicator light is designed not to shine too brightly or disturb sleep.\n\nKEEP YOUR CASE ON\nPOWERED Pad works with most cases 3 mm or thinner. This means you don’t have to worry about wrestling your phone out of your case every time you need a charge.\n\nOVER 35 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE\nLogitech has shipped over a billion products worldwide over the past 35 years and won hundreds of design awards in the process. We believe POWERED Pad is a worthy addition to that legacy, and will quickly become one of the most trusted products you own.\n\nQi-CERTIFIED CHARGING\nPOWERED Pad is Qi-Certified for a safer and more reliable charging experience. Qi-Certification means that POWERED Pad has gone through over 100 tests by an independent lab for safety, charging performance, and more. Other chargers may claim to be ‘Qi compliant’ or to ‘work with Qi’ but that does not guarantee that they’ve passed all of the testing required to be Qi-Certified.\n\nSWISS RELIABILITY\nWirelessly chargeable products come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why POWERED Pad has been tested with over 100 Qi-Certified devices to ensure a steady, reliable charging experience. Expect a level of Swiss precision that works every time, just like clockwork.\n\nSTRICT QUALITY CONTROL\nBefore each POWERED Pad gets boxed up and shipped out, it goes through rigorous testing to make sure it delivers a reliable charging experience. When it reaches you, you can have confidence it will work.\n\nSAFE AND RELIABLE\nAt Logitech, your safety is our top priority. That’s why we engineered POWERED Pad with built-in safety mechanisms to give you and your family peace of mind that other chargers may lack.\n\nOVERHEAT PROTECTION\nPOWERED Pad utilizes a combination of internal heat sensors and algorithms to manage temperature and prevent overheating. If your device ever gets too hot, POWERED Pad will temporarily stop providing power and only resume charging your device once it has cooled down.\n\nOVERCHARGE PROTECTION\nPOWERED Pad ensures the optimal level of power is delivered to get you charged up faster. When your device is full, power shuts off so it doesn’t overcharge. When your battery is low, charging speeds are ramped up to deliver a quick power boost.\n\nFOREIGN OBJECT DETECTION\nWhen foreign objects like coins or keys are detected on the charging zone, power shuts off automatically and an LED light blinks to alert you. This prevents metal objects from heating up and potentially causing injury when touched.
Veikimo charakteristikos
Įkroviklio tipasVidaus
Įkroviklio suderinamumasLaisvų rankų įranga, išmanusis telefonas, laikrodis
Maitinimo šaltinio tipasAc
Belaidis įkrovimasTaip
Maitinimo apsaugos ypatybėsPersikrovimas, apsauga nuo perkaitimo
SuderinamumasSamsung\ngalaxy s10 / s10e / s10+, galaxy s9 / s9+, galaxy s8 / s8+, galaxy s7 edge, galaxy s6 / s6 edge / s6 edge+, galaxy note 10 / 10+, galaxy note 9, galaxy note 8, galaxy note 7, galaxy note 5, galaxy note edge, galaxy note 4, galaxy note 3\n\napple\niphone 11 pro max, iphone 11 pro, iphone 11, iphone xs max, iphone xr, iphone xs, iphone x, iphone 8 / 8 plus\n\ngoogle\npixel 4 xl, pixel 4, pixel 3 xl, pixel 3\n\nlg\ng8x thinq, g8s thinq, g8 thinq, g7 one, g7 thinq, g6, v50 thinq, v40 thinq, v30\n\nother (headphones, watches, airpods)
Produkto spalvaJuoda
Laido ilgis1,5 m
Led indikatoriaiTaip
Energijos valdymas
Įėjimo įtampa100 - 240 v
Įėjimo dažnis50 / 60 hz
Įvesties srovė0.7 a
Išvesties įtampa (maks.)19 v
Išėjimo srovė1320 ma
Svoris ir matmenys
Plotis85 mm
Ilgis85 mm
Aukštis13 mm
Svoris90 g
Pakuotės duomenys
Kiekis pakuotėje1 vnt
Pridedamos maitinimo šakutės tipaiEu
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