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Asus UX510UX-CN207T Zenbook / 15,6" Full-HD / Intel Core i5-7200U / 12GB RAM / 1TB + 256GB SSD / GeForce GTX950M 2Gb / Windows 10  

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Dėmesio: Klaviatūros kalba – Vokiečių. Peržiūra

Ultra Sleek. Non-Stop Performance.
The all-new ZenBook UX510 brings you elegance, sophistication and superb performance in a gorgeously slim and light design. Crafted from solid aluminum and featuring our iconic spun-metal Zen-inspired finish, ZenBook UX510 is a mere 19.9mm thin. Its travel-friendly weight of just 2kg means taking it with you is never a burden, and using it is always a pleasure with its stunningly crisp 15.6-inch up to 4K UHD wide viewing angle display. Featuring the latest 6th-generation Intel® Core processors, gaming-grade discrete graphics and super-fast storage, ZenBook UX510 is no slouch, either it has all the performance you need to blitz through your working day. ZenBook UX510 makes everything easier, in style.

Ultra Sleek. Ultra Elegant
The ZenBook Series practically invented thin and light, and ZenBook UX510 continues that proud heritage, featuring a timelessly elegant all-new design with a profile that's just 19.9mm thin. Using solid aluminum alloy keeps the weight down to just 2kg, but it takes dozens of precisely-controlled manufacturing steps to craft it into its sleek shape. Our unique spun-metal finish, with its Zen-inspired concentric circles, adorns the lid, with a tough and durable brushed-metal finish adorning the rest of the chassis. Finally, we anodize ZenBook UX510 in a nature-inspired Quartz Grey color for a totally professional look.

Incredible Performance
Superb mobile performance is the hallmark of ZenBook, and in ZenBook UX510 this is delivered by a 6th-generation Intel® Core up to i7 processor, with up to 16GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM and gaming-grade up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX950M graphics for ultra-smooth video and great gaming. The latest dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi provides super-fast speeds, and Bluetooth® 4.1 connects you easily to your gadgets. True professionals demand the latest technology, and the revolutionary, reversible USB Type-C port gives you high-speed access to the latest high-performance peripherals. With the HDMI port, you can connect to monitors, TVs or projectors with no hassle. Effortless multitasking, smooth video playback, and super-fast application launches ZenBook UX510 is always ready when you are. It's supremely energy-efficient too, meaning fewer trips to the power socket!

Ultimate Graphics.
A display as outstanding as that on ZenBook UX510 deserves only the most outstanding graphics, so we chose the amazing NVIDIA® GeForce® up to GTX950M for gaming-grade performance and silky-smooth high-definition video playback.

Every Detail Matters.
The stunning 15.6-inch up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) display on ZenBook UX510 gives your eyes a visual treat, whether you're reading text, viewing photos or watching videos. The amazing resolution makes photo or video editing so much easier, with an incredible pixel density of 282 pixels per inch, every tiny detail pin-sharp and crystal-clear. And when you're web browsing, everything even the smallest text is easily visible!

More Colors. Better Colors.
ZenBook UX510's display features an ultra-wide color gamut of 72% NTSC ,100% sRGB, and 74% AdobeRGB. In plain language, this means it can display more colors, more accurate colors and more vivid colors than any standard display. And wide viewing technology ensures that contrast and color reproduction are not degraded at wide viewing angles up to 178° degrees, ZenBook UX510 sets the standard for laptop displays.

ASUS Splendid:
Superbly Optimized Color.

To ensure only the very best images, ZenBook UX510 incorporates ASUS Splendid technology to give you richer, deeper and more accurate colors.
ASUS Splendid has four one-click preset modes: Normal mode, Eye Care mode, Vivid mode and Manual mode. Normal mode gives you the factory-optimized settings, Eye Care mode reduces blue light levels for comfortable viewing, and Vivid mode cleverly adjusts the display settings to give images a really vibrant and vivid appearance, without making the colors look artificial. Manual mode gives you control over the color temperature setting, so you can adjust the display to suit your own needs and preferences.

Protect Your Eyes with ASUS Eye Care
Too much exposure to the blue light emitted by LCD displays is thought to affect eye health, and it can also cause fatigue during long viewing sessions. ASUS Eye Care mode reduces the emissions of blue light by up to 30% so that your eyes are always protected when Eye Care mode is used.

Advanced Storage Capacity.
High-speed storage is crucial for fast application startup and an effortless computing experience, and it doesn't come much faster than the up to 1TB hard disk (HDD) combined with an up to 512GB solid-state disk (SSD) in ZenBook UX510. Saving or loading large files and documents is amazingly fast compared to traditional hard disks, and boot time is also reduced significantly. SSDs are rugged and durable too, giving ZenBook UX510 superb reliability.

Ultra Connectivity
ZenBook UX510 is equipped with the new, reversible USB Type-C port with its any-way-up design that makes connecting devices so much easier. It also delivers data transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than older USB 2.0 connections!

In addition, ZenBook UX510 has two USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI port and an SD Card slot so you can easily connect your current peripherals, displays and projectors with zero hassle.

802.11ac Wi-Fi

ZenBook UX510 lets you get connected faster and further with the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi it's up to 2.8 times faster than 802.11 b/g/n! And Bluetooth® 4.1 lets you connect your favorite devices with less impact on battery life. ZenBook UX510 gives you the freedom to do whatever you need to do, wherever you want to do it!

Outstandingly Comfortable Backlit Keyboard.
ZenBook UX510's full-size backlit keyboard is sturdily constructed in a single piece for a superb typing experience. It's a masterpiece of ergonomics, with an optimized 1.6mm key travel for a comfortable feel. The gentle backlight ensures easy use in low-light conditions.

A Touch of Genius.
The glass-covered precision touchpad on ZenBook UX510 uses exclusive technology developed for smartphone touchscreens to give high sensitivity and incredible accuracy. The touchpad also incorporates an advanced fingerprint sensor for fast, easy and secure login*. And as it's a ZenBook, it looks beautiful, too, with a brilliant diamond-cut chamfered surround.

ASUS SonicMaster:
Designed to Sound Incredible.

Incredible sound has always been a feature of the ZenBook family. Co-developed by the ASUS Golden Ear team and Harman Kardon, ASUS SonicMaster technology delivers the most incredible sound on a laptop. A tailored mix of superior hardware and cleverly-designed software ensure that ZenBook UX510 gives you the ultimate sound experience.
Procesoriaus šeima
7th gen Intel® Core i5
Procesoriaus modelis
Procesoriaus dažnis
Procesoriaus branduoliai
Vidinė atmintis
12 GB
HD talpa
1000 GB
Bendra saugyklos talpa
1256 GB
Įdiegta operacinė sistema
Windows 10 Home
Diskrečiosios vaizdo plokštės modelis
Diskrečiosios vaizdo plokštės tipas
Ekrano raiška
1920 x 1080 pixels
Ekrano paviršius
HD tipas
Full HD
LED apšvietimas
AC adapterio išvesties įtampa
AC adapterio įvesties įtampa
100 - 240
AC adapterio dažnis
CE Marking Compliance, BSMI, CCC, Energy star
Integruoto grafikos adapterio „DirectX“ versija
„Enhanced Intel®SpeedStep“ technologija
Intel virtualization technologija (vt-x)
Palaikomų ekranų skaičius (integruota grafika)
Windows klavišai
Sistemos magistralės sparta
4 GT/s
Naujos „Intel® AES“ instrukcijos („Intel® AES-NI“)
Žymiklio įrenginys
„Intel® OS Guard“
„Intel® Insider™“
„Intel® Clear Video“ technologija mobiliesiems interneto įrenginiams („Intel®CVT“ for MID)
Procesoriaus darbo režimai
SSD talpa
128 GB
Hdmi jungčių kiekis
Intel segmento žymėjimas
Procesoriaus spartinančioji atmintis
3 MB
Įdiegtų SSD diskų skaičius
Didžiausia integruotos vaizdo plokštės atmintis
32 GB
Usb 2.0 jungčių skaičius
2 kg
CPU konfigūracija (maks.)
„Intel® Hyper Threading“ technologija („Intel® HT“ technologija)
Intel programinės įrangos apsaugos plėtiniai (intel sgx)
Intel® secure key
Kintamosios srovės adapterio galia
90 W
Kombinuota ausinių/mikrofono jungtis
Procesoriaus lizdas
BGA 1356
Įdiegtų kietųjų diskų skaičius
Integruotas mikrofonas
Intel 64
Padidintas (Boost) procesoriaus taktinis dažnis
3.10 GHz
Produkto tipas
Nešiojamas kompiuteris
Grafikos ir IMC litografija
14 nm
Atminties lizdai
Energy Star sertifikuotas
Integruoto grafikos adapterio pagrindinis dažnis
300 MHz
Skaitinė klaviatūra
Procesoriaus kodas
PCI express lizdų versija
Šiluminio dizaino galia (TPD)
15 W
„Intel® Quick Sync Video“ technologija
PCI „Express“ konfigūracijos
„Intel®Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA)“
Magistralės tipas
Baterijos talpa (Wh)
48 Wh
Procesoriaus „cache“ tipas
Smart Cache
Slaptažodžio apsaugos tipas
BIOS, User
Usb 3.1 (3.1 gen 2) type-c ports quantity
Suderinamos atminties kortelės
Procesoriaus gijos
Priekinė kamera
Ekrano įstrižainė
„Intel®Smart Response“ technologija
Intel® Intru 3D technologija
Integruotos vaizdo plokštės modelis
Intel HD Graphics 620
Procesoriaus kodinis pavadinimas
Kaby Lake
„Intel®Virtualization“ tiesioginės įvesties/išvesties technologija (VT-d)
Wi-Fi standartai
IEEE 802.11ac
Šilumos stebėsenos technologijos
Konfigūruojama išsklaidoma šiluminė galia (TDP) – mažėjančio dažnio
800 MHz
Dc-in lizdas
„T“ formos sujungimas
100 °C
Integruoto grafikos adapterio „OpenGL“ versija
„Intel®VT-x with Extended Page Tables“ (EPT)
AC adapterio išvesties srovė
4.74 A
Intel® Turbo Boost technologija
Integruota vaizdo plokštė
"Intel® my wifi" technologija (intel® mwt)
Produkto spalva
Grey, Metallic
„Intel® Wireless Display“ („Intel® WiDi“)
Integruotas kortelių skaitytuvas
Procesorius RAID ARK ID
Integruoto grafikos adapterio ID
Palaikomi instrukcijų rinkiniai
AVX 2.0,SSE4.1,SSE4.2
USB 3.0 (3.1 1 kart.) A tipo jungčių skaičius
Procesoriaus litografija
14 nm
Maksimalus PCI Express juostų skaičius
Diskretus grafikos adapteris
Slaptažodžio apsauga
Integruotos vaizdo plokštės dinaminis dažnis (maks.)
1000 MHz
Intel Flex atminties prieiga
Kraštinių santykis
„Intel®Enhanced Halt State“
Intel Clear Video technologija
„Intel® Clear Video HD“ technologija („Intel® CVT HD“)
Didžiausia vidinė atmintis
16 GB
Prekė sandėlyje
Vaizdo plokštė
Disko talpa
Atmintis (RAM)
Ekrano įstrižainė
Operacinė sistema
Procesoriaus tipas
SSD talpa
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