Išmanusis telefonas Ulefone Ulefone Armor X3 32GB Juodas (5,5", touch, 1440x720, 2 GB, 5000 mAh)  

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VARLĖ kodas
IP68/IP69K Protection Grade\nCertified to highest IP68/IP69K rating, it can handle 30 minutes of immersion in 1.5 meters of water or 24 hours of submission in 1 meter of concrete. Meanwhile, it can also withstand big drops up to 1.2 meters. No matter how hard the condition is, with water-resistance, dust- resistance, shock-resistance, Armor X3 will protect itself all round and then standby your side to support you.\n\nToolkit + Professional Sensor\nBe your reliable partner in journey, essential tools can’t be lack in the Ulefone Armor X3. It’s your own micro toolbox, making your outdoor trips more convenient. All you need, you can find it in the Ulefone Armor X3.\n\n-20?~ 60? Working Temperature Range\nAside from being highly waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof, the Armor X3 is also made to stand up to extreme temperatures. With a wide operating temperature range of -20? to 60?, the Armor X3 can handle different outdoor environment when you're out in the desert or a high mountain range. It's perfect for the outdoors or those with demanding jobs.\n\nInsulate from the External Damages\nThe Armor X3 is carefully designed to achieve IP68 level dust-resistance and water resistance. With compact internal structure, and properly placed waterproof membrane, it’s perfectly sealed off, so no water or dust will get into the internal to cause any damage. And components exposed to the outside world have a high-density macro-molecule coating to make them waterproof.\n\nShell, Also the Shield\nThe house of Armor X3 is made of TPU, aluminium alloy reinforced polycarbonate material. Meaning, not only sturdy structure inside but also the solid surface outside, work together to protect from violent crash, rolling and torsion. Besides, the convex design on four corners and the slant design on back cover prevent dropping damage effectively.\n\nSimplify Your Operation\nThe customized button on the left enables you to optionally set the button quick access to video recording, flashlight, screenshot, underwater photography, SOS emergency call, convenient and practical to use. And it can arouse all the built-in or downloaded apps in the phone. You can also set it as a PTT (Push-to-talk) button, enjoy effective and economical communications without a hitch, making your Armor X3 an essential tool for outdoor activities.\n\nSpecially Designed for Underwater Sports\nAll along, none of the phones are able to normally shoot underwater. But now, Armor X3 will bring you creative underwater mode, which enables you to conveniently take pictures and video recording, and you can even complete all the operations with single hand. It will easily capture every wonderful moment for you whether you are swimming or diving.\n\nPerfect for Extreme Environment\nYou know how annoying it is when you are wearing gloves and working under severe weather or extreme environment, your phone is ringing and you need to take off your gloves just to answer. We all have been there. The gloves mode allows you to work with the touch screen of your device while wearing the gloves. It not only supports all the touch-screen gloves in the market, also supports some normal cotton gloves within 1.5mm thickness and some leather gloves*. Everything becomes easier.\n\nlarge Battery\nArmor X3 comes with a 5000mAh big battery which stands by your side for 440 hours* and talks for 25 hours. And thanks to the power-efficient MT6580 processor, it offers you the feeling of security no matter calling, listening or playing a whole day with one single charge.\n\n5.5-inch HD+ 18:9 All Screen\nEquipped 5.5-inch all-screen display with 18:9 aspect ratio, Armor X3 would show more content and wider vision than others when you are reading a article or browsing social media. Excellent ability in reproducing original color, it will offer you more colorful visual feast.\n\nQuad-core 1.3GHz Processor\nEquipped with a MT6580 quad-core CPU that brings along a smooth and energy efficient user experience. Reaching clock speeds up to 1.3GHz, the processor along with 2GB of RAM lets you multitask, watch movies, and play demanding games without ever slowing down your phone.\n\n8MP+2MP Dual Rear Camera\nPacked with 8MP+2MP dual rear camera, Armor X3 enables you to take stunning photos even below the water. Different modes for your option. And the phone also equips dual rear flash to light up your night photos.\n\nFace Unlock\nRevolutionary face detection technology enables you to quick access your personal phone in 0.2s without any other move. Whether you have wet hands or are wearing gloves, face unlock can still unlock your phone immediately.\n\nGlobal Positioning System\nEnhanced global positioning system with rapid, accurate positioning and navigation can always guide you the right way. Free you from worrying about getting lost again. You can even direct your own way to the destination in a totally strange place. Worry less, enjoy more.\n\nSmart Audio\nEnjoy the loved music is easy to you only if you got the Ulefone Armor X3. The Hi-Fi chip with 0.02% ultra-low THD, brings you high quality music enjoyments. High quality and clear sound are always with you in the journey.\n\nMore Place to Work\nNormally, as a 3G smartphone, only equips the frequency with Band 1, Band 5 and Band 8. But Ulefone Armor X3 selects to equip two more frequency with Band 2 and Band 4, the wider frequency for you to use in more places.\n\nAndroid 9.0 OS\nRuns the latest Android 9.0 Pie as OS with brand-new UI, the interface looks more beautiful than previous version, brings you simple, smooth operation and new using experience.
Procesoriaus šeima
Procesoriaus modelis
Procesoriaus dažnis
1.3 ghz
Procesoriaus branduoliai
Įdiegta operacinė sistema
Android 9.0
Ekrano raiška
720 x 1440 pixels
Jutiklinis ekranas
Baterijos talpa
5000 mah
235 g
Ulefone armor x3. display diagonal: 14 cm (5.5"), display resolution: 720 x 1440 pixels. processor frequency: 1.3 ghz, processor family: mediatek, processor model: mt6580. ram capacity: 2 gb, internal storage capacity: 32 gb. rear camera resolution (numeric): 8 mp, rear camera type: dual camera. sim card capability: dual sim. operating system installed: android 9.0. battery capacity: 5000 mah. product colour: black. weight: 235 g
Pokalbių laikas (2g)
25 h
Galinės kameros tipas
Dviguba kamera
158 mm
Tarptautinės apsaugos (ip) kodas
Ip68, ip69k
Apsaugos savybės
Atsparus dulkėms, atsparus vandeniui
Screen protector
Baterijos technologija
Ličio polimerų (lipo)
Usb jungties tipas
Vidinės saugyklos talpa
32 gb
Didžiausias atminties kortelės dydis
128 gb
Ekrano įstrižainė
14 cm
Produkto spalva
Palaikomi garso formatai
Aplinkos šviesos jutiklis
Suderinamos atminties kortelės
3g standartai
77.5 mm
Usb jungtis
Veikimo temperatūra (t-t)
-20 - 60 °c
Pridėtas ac adapteris
Ausinių jungtis
3.5 mm
2g standartai
Push-to-talk (ptt)
Sim kortelė
Dual sim
Pagalbinė gps (a-gps)
2g juostos (pirminė sim)
850,900,1800,1900 mhz
Galinės kameros blykstė
Wi-fi standartai
802.11b,802.11g,wi-fi 4 (802.11n)
Galinės kameros raiška (skaitinė)
8 mp
Palaikomos 3g juostos
850,900,1700,1900,2100 mhz
Priekinės kameros tipas
Single camera
Palaikomi video formatai
Kraštinių santykis
Mobile network generation
3 g
Veido atpažinimas
Priekinės kameros diafragmos skaičius
Antros galinės kameros raiška (skaitinė)
2 mp
Ram talpa
2 gb
Elektroninis kompasas
Palaikomi vaizdo formatai
Priekinės kameros raiška (skaitinė)
5 mp
Budėjimo laikas (2g)
440 h
13.8 mm
Gps (palydovinė)
Artumo jutiklis
Sim kortelės tipas
Bluetooth versija
Garantinė kortelė
App distribution platform
Google play
(fiziniams asmenims)
Operacinė sistema
Operacinė sistema
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Nemokamas pristatymas
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Išmanieji telefonai beveik išstūmė iš rinkos klasikinius mobiliuosius telefonus. Išmaniųjų telefonų siūlomų funkcijų kiekis lėmė, kad jie tapo būtinu komunikacijos, darbo ir pramogų įrenginiu. Kaip išsirinkti modelį, kuris atitiks jūsų reikalavimus? Pataria Varle.lt mobiliųjų įrenginių eskpertai.

Šiuolaikinis išmanusis telefonas – tai įrenginys, kuris apjungia telefono, kameros, filmų ir muzikos grotuvo, interneto naršyklės bei portabilios žaidimų konsolės savybes. Telefono funkcionalumų skaičius lemia, jog ne kiekvienas modelis gali pasiūlyti tą patį našumo lygį visose kategorijose. Pavyzdžiui, vienas įrenginys pasižymi didesnės raiškos kamera, kitas turi didesnį ir geresnės technologijos ekraną. Funkcijų ir skirtumų įvairovė lemia, kad prieš įsigyjant telefoną vertėtų atsakyti sau į klausimą:

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  • Pramogoms: naršymui internete, žaidimams, muzikos klausymuisi, nuotraukų fiksavimui, filmavimui.
  • Darbui: elektroninio pašto tikrinimui, tekstinių dokumentų, skaičiuoklių redagavimui, vaizdo pokalbiams, naršymui internete.

Nors iš esmės visi išmanieji telefonai panašūs ir leidžia atlikti abu šiuos uždavinius, rekomenduojama atkreipti dėmesį į keletą techninių parametrų, kurie turėtų didesnę įtaką vieno ar kito naudojimosi būdo patogumui.

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Telefono operacinė sistema

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