Telegärtner T-ADAPTER S, 2 x ISDN, Tel. (4-5,3-6/4-5,3-6)

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When all of the available connections in a data network are occupied then problems arise to be sure, as soon as new subscribers are added. One solution would be to lay additional cables as well as to install further distribution panels and boxes. But this sometimes proves to be very difficult and costly because of poor accessibility to installation ducts.\n\nThe Modular T-Adaptors Cat.5e make it possible to duplicate connections without having to intervene in the existing network structures. This solution is available for the network topologies Ethernet, Token Ring and Ethernet/ISDN combinations in different versions shielded or unshielded. Important: Each one adaptor has to be connected to the patch panel (2 inputs from the hub) and to the data outlet (2 outputs to the terminals)!\n\nThe adaptor, which is built into a plastic housing, divides an attached 8-wire RJ45 output into two sockets, each of which then has 4-wire pin assignment. The 15 cm long connecting cable is provided with an RJ45 plug which is inserted into the output of the box and/or the distributor. The connecting cables to the subscriber and/or to the next distributor socket are then inserted into the two RJ45 sockets at the adaptor output. The outputs to the subscribers are marked by coloured mounting symbols for data and/or telephone connections. A labelling plate under a transparent cover offers space for marking the outputs. On the underside of the adaptor housing there is a label with information on the pin assignment so that the distributor structure can be precisely traced in case additional action is required.
Produkto spalva
Adapterio tipas
T-adaptor s cat.5e
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Telegärtner t-adaptor s cat.5e, 2xtr light grey ral 7035. connector 2: 2xtr, connector gender: male/female, cable length: 0.15 m. product colour: grey
Laido ilgis
0.15 m
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