RoGer Ya Shun Game Air ball Football Gate

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The perfect play set for the whole family. The whole set is very easy to assemble and disassemble. The battery-powered disk acts as a small hovercraft - thanks to the rotor it floats slightly above the floor. Just gently move the disk and it will fly in the air. The disk is surrounded by a soft foam, which gently bounces off walls and furniture without damaging them. Colorful flashing lights will make your party more fun. The toy is intended for children over 3 years and has a CE certificate. The game perfectly trains reflexes and concentration. The set is powered by 4 x AA rechargeable batteries, not included. All packed in a colorful box ideal for a gift. - 2 x self-assembly gates, - 2 x net for the goal,  - 4 x suction cups to attach gates to the ground, - disk (ball) Gate dimensions: - height approx. 38 cm, - width approx. 50.5 cm, - a depth of about 25.5 cm. Diameter of the disk about 20 cm. Size of the package: - height approx. 24 cm, - width approx. 46 cm, - a depth of about 7 cm.
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