Patton SmartNode 4528, 8 FXS VoIP GW-Maršrutizatorius

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VARLĖ kodas
Features\n- Up to 8 analog ports—Compact, reliable stand-alone VoIP gateway with different port options. Supports simultaneous voice or fax calls on all ports. (note: Patton does not carry an 8-FXO unit at the present time)\n- Toll-Quality VoIP—Advanced traffic management and shaping, combined with Patton’s patent-pending DownStream QoS™ enforce uninterrupted toll-quality voice over best-effort networks.\n- Advanced Local Call Switching—Virtual interfaces and routing tables provide industry leading flexibility in call handling programming. Local call switching, soft fallback to alternative routes. Simultaneously connects to multiple SIP services/IP PBXs.\n- Complete SIP and T.38 support—Supports the complete range of industry standard VoIP: SIP, H.323, T.38 fax, fax and modem handling, DTMF relay. Codecs G.729, G.723, and so on.\n- Easy Management & Provisioning—Web-based management, SNMP, command line interface. Automated mass provisioning for efficient large-scale deployments.\n- Outstanding Interoperability—Proven integration for voice and T.38 fax with leading IP PBX systems and soft switch vendors.\n\nOverview\nConnect with confidence using the SmartNode 4520 VoIP Gateway Router. Integrating a complete enterprise router with a full-featured Voice-over-IP Media Gateway offers the new standard in toll-bypass, remote/branch office connectivity, and enhanced carrier services. Perfect for the Remote office, Branch office, or PBX/Switch extension, the SmartNode 4520 integrates all your voice, FAX, and LAN traffic for seamless and secure networking.\n\nWith its FXS analog ports the SN4520 Series supports up to eight simultaneous calls, connects to any legacy telephone or PBX, and provides dial-tone, ringing, and caller-ID. When equipped with FXO ports, the local PSTN can be accessed enabling local calling, enhanced toll-bypass services, and fallback configurations. ClearConnect™ adaptive network monitoring ensures your call always gets connected even if the VoIP link goes down or becomes congested.\n\nWith dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, the SN4520 Series provides IP routing with guaranteed Quality of Service. Voice traffic is prioritized while LAN/IP traffic shaping permits efficient access to the Internet and corporate networks. As a complete enterprise router, the SN4520 supports DHCP, NAT, Firewall/ACL, and PPPoE clients. While IPSEC VPN and VLAN tunnel data while DES, 3DES or AES enables secure voice and data over the public network.\n\nThis integrated access router and VoIP Gateway benefits service providers and enterprise network administrators with a lower cost of ownership and better service quality.\n\n\n\nApplications\n\nLAN/WAN QoS & Router\nAs an Enterprise router the SmartNode offers QoS voice, wire-speed traffic shaping, and complete network access. With dual 10/100 Eternet ports, the SmartNode connects your hosts to your LAN with VLAN tagging, DHCP server/client, and Firewall/ACL services. Use PPPoE and IPSEC VPN with DES, 3DES, and AES encryption and bring your Voice and Data to the WAN through a single and secure network connection.\n\n\nLocal PSTN + Packet Voice\nUsing Patton's SmartNode Gateway routers with FXS & FXO ports allows seamless access to both remote packet-voice and local PSTN telephony. Using ToIP call switching, distinctive ring, and Caller-ID a single handset can now access the right service at any time. With Patton’s ClearConnect™ fail-over protection your phone call will be completed. Network health monitoring and ToIP switching ensures a clear call even if the IP network is down.
Procesoriaus dažnis
66 mhz
Vidinė atmintis
32 mb
En55022, en55024, en60950, ce, fcc 15 a, tbr21
Nat functionality
Static and dynamic nat and napt
Maitinimo led
Management protocols
Cli, tftp, snmp mib ii
Flash atmintis
8 mb
Apsaugos algoritmai
Patton sn4528. management protocols: cli, tftp, snmp mib ii, data link protocols: ethernet, fast ethernet, routing protocols: rip-1,rip-2. security algorithms: aes,des, nat functionality: static and dynamic nat and napt. ethernet lan data rates: 10,100 mbit/s, networking standards: ieee 802.1p,ieee 802.1q,ieee 802.3,ieee 802.3u. input frequency: 50 / 60 hz, input voltage: 100 - 240 v. certification: en55022, en55024, en60950, ce, fcc 15 a, tbr21
Ethernet lan duomenų perdavimo sparta
10,100 mbit/s
Foreign exchange station (fxs) ports quantity
Balso kodekai
Routing protocols
Įvesties dažnis
50 / 60 hz
Įmontuotas procesorius
Motorola mpc875
Santykinė darbo drėgmė (h-h)
0 - 90 %
Veikimo temperatūra (t-t)
0 - 40 °c
Data link protocols
Ethernet, fast ethernet
Ethernet lan (rj-45) jungtys
Tinklo standartai
Ieee 802.1p,ieee 802.1q,ieee 802.3,ieee 802.3u
Web pagrįstas valdymas
Led indikatoriai
Number of processors installed
Dhcp client
Įvesties įtampa
100 - 240 v
Built-in diagnostic tools (trace, debug)
Dhcp serveris
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