Joy-IT StromPI 2 für Raspberry A+/B+/M2/2B/3B

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The StromPi 2 expansion board is the new development of the popular StromPi 1. Not only that the voltage range is set to 6 ... 61 V was increased, e.g. to connect larger/multiple batteries or voltage supplies, the StromPi 2 board now also supplies up to 3A current, in order to be able to also supply larger projects with sufficient current. In addition, a reset function for the Raspberry Pi is now included, which expands the UPS function of the StromPi 2.\n\nDue to the new super flat design and connection, the StromPi2 fits into many housings and new applications. The StromPi 2 allows your Raspberry Pi to use any voltage source with a voltage range of 6 ... 61 V, so that you have further possibilities where you can use the Raspberry Pi (car, ship, truck, industrial plant, etc.). The Raspberry Pi can also be optionally upgraded to a high-power USB port for use with USB hard drives and other power-intensive devices.\n\nThe integrated UPS function enables the protection of critical applications against power failure. Using software for the Raspberry Pi, the UPS function can be monitored and various messages can be sent in the event of a failure, e.g. by e-mail. Due to the efficient switching regulator solution used, it is also possible to operate the Raspberry-Pi mobile with a battery. Useful extension of the UPS mode: After the Raspberry Pi has been safely shut down by the StromPi in the event of a power failure, the new reset function automatically restarts the Raspberry Pi when the main power supply is available again.
Joy it
Joy-it rb-strompi2. product type: expansion board, compatibility: arduino/raspberry pi. width: 65 mm, depth: 56 mm, height: 15 mm
28 g
15 mm
65 mm
56 mm
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Expansion board
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