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  • The Cornilleau 300X tennis table is a model intended for outdoor use. It is resistant to various weather conditions, so you can store it outside without fear. The table will be great at any time of the year, you choose when you want to play, regardless of the weather. It is the perfect choice for the whole family. Thanks to the double DSI security system, as well as double wheels and powerful brakes, everyone can handle it.

  • If you're looking for a table that can be placed in both your home and garden, choose 300X. It is a good choice for the beginning of a family adventure with table tennis. Experts from Cornilleau, France, guarantee at least 10 years of fun.

    ANTI-REFLECTION COATING: The 5 mm surface of the table top made of a special resin laminate is covered with a special anti-reflective SOFTMAT® coating. The top structure is resistant to scratches, impacts, UV rays and is easy to clean.

    The aluminum frame in combination with the table top gives a thickness of 55 mm and thanks to it the quality of reflections is equal to the most professional tables. All outdoor tables guarantee at least 10 years of fun.

    ADJUSTABLE MESH: The net has a simple and intuitive tension adjustment system. This allows it to be perfectly adjusted before starting the game.

    POINT COUNTER: At the edges of the table there are manual game point counters. Handy, practical and rewarding… when you win.

    POCKETS FOR ACCESSORIES: Functional pockets on both sides of the table allow you to store 4 rackets and 4 balls. This solution will guarantee quick access to the necessary accessories without unnecessary searching, and will facilitate keeping order.

    LARGE WHEELS WITH BRAKES: The Cornilleau ping pong tables have large double wheels, 32 mm thick and 200 mm in diameter. This solution increases the rolling of the wheels and the stability of the table. A larger wheel will easily roll over large obstacles such as stairs, thresholds, stones. It easily overcomes dense grass and other unevenness, while the two brakes provide excellent stability and safety during the game. It is also especially useful when the table is stored on a slightly uneven surface.

    ADJUSTMENT AND STABILITY: The diameter of the movable foot is as much as 104 mm, and the height adjustment range is -1 to +5 cm. Thanks to this, the table can be stable even on an uneven surface of the garden, so that it can be played comfortably.


    Type of table top: 5 mm resin laminate

    Tabletop frame: aluzinc, 50 mm thick

    Total thickness: 55 mm

    Color of the top: blue

    Worktop surface coverage: SOFTMAT®

    Table top locking system: DSI®, 16 locking points, two position locking.

    Table legs: thick, reinforced with plastic, diameter of the movable foot 104 mm, height adjustment range -1 to +5 cm

    Grid: tension adjustment, foldable

    Wheels: 8 pieces, 32 x 200 mm each (thickness x diameter), installed in pairs, 2 brakes

    Dimensions of the table when unfolded: 76 x 274 x 152.5 cm

    Folded table dimensions: 75 x 167 x 155 cm

    Table weight: 56 kg, 66 kg in the package

    Standard: EN 14468-1; class C

    Production country: France

    Warranty: 10 years for the whole table

    Parts availability: 20 years from date of purchase

    Purpose: home use, as well as in hotels


    SOFTMAT®: A special patented matt table coating, thanks to which 3 times less sunlight is reflected from the table top. It provides better comfort of the game, because the rays do not reflect from the table and do not hurt the eyes of the players. This increases focus on the ball and does not strain your eyesight.

    COMPACT TECHNOLOGY®: The patented system ensures maximum safety and easy folding of the table. The folded table does not take up much space and is stable during storage and transport. This technology also allows us to play alone by assembling only one of the tops.

    DSI (Double Security Integree) ®: Double security system. The central release handle makes it easy to unfold and fold the table. The system consists of 16 locking points that prevent the tabletop from falling. The system also locks the table when it is opened in the half open position at an angle of 65 degrees. It prevents accidents when opening, especially by children, as well as weaker and shorter people. In other words, the table top will not hit us on the head or fall down without being blocked first.

    FRENCH RECIPE: The key to Cornilleau's success is an innovative approach to the design and production of tables and accessories. The company attaches great importance to introducing new technologies and solutions, which is why it has been the undisputed market leader for over 50 years.

GenderMen, Women, Kids
SportTable Tennis
Product typeOther Accessories
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