AEOTEC WallMote Quad Remote Switch with 4 Mygtukai Z-Wave

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VARLĖ kodas
Aeon Labs WallMote - Funkwandschalter mit 4 Tasten Zertifizierter
Techniniai duomenys
Palaikomi tinklo protokolaiZ-wave
Kitos savybėsBy using aeotec wallmote you can control devices and scenes in your smart home easily and intuitive – at the wall as well as in your hand. the wallmote quad by aeotec is fixed 4-button wall switch, portable remote control and z-wave controller – all-in-one. the device can manage its own z-wave network (if it is included as primary controller) and can control other devices such as wall sockets, blinds, dimmers, lights, electronic door locks and many more. obviously, it also can be integrated in an existing z-wave network as secondary controller and will work as wireless control for devices and scenes as well. each mode will be activated in factory default after the first action. as secondary controller, the wallmote sends commands to the z-wave controller and also controls by that defined devices and scenes. aeotec wallmote can trigger corresponding functions by one single click. furthermore, it masters the so called „sliding“. this touch control system allows you to swipe with a single finger across the relevant area on the wallmote to dim the lights by intuition for instance. the battery powered touch switch comes with a magnet that enables keeping the device in the respective wall mount. in this way, wallmote becomes a wall switch. you also can take the device away and use it as a portable remote control.
Techniniai parametraiWireless control 4 four touch areas (‚buttons‘) usable as primary and secondary controller slider function vibration feedback while operation integrated color led display status wireless technology: z-wave plus
Modelio pavadinimasWallmote quad remote switch with 4 buttons
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