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Wandrd accessory straps - žalias

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Wandrd accessory straps - žalias

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51.99  €
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51.99  €
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The accessory straps add even more functionality to Wandrd rucksacks and are a great way to expand the available luggage space. They allow you to easily attach a jacket, sleeping pad or tripod cover to the backpack. The straps feature robust metal carabiners and a magnetic quick-release buckle. The double-length adjustment system ensures a perfect fit for varying needs. There are also reflective Wandrd logos to increase your visibility after dark and elastic bands to prevent the straps from sagging. The product comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Main product features set of 2 accessory straps ideal way to expand your gear compatible with Wandrd Prvke, All-new Prvke and Duo Daypack lifetime manufacturer's warranty made from durable and strong nylon equipped with robust metal carabiners conveniently adjustable strap length magnetic buckles for quick release elastic bands to prevent straps from sagging reflective Wandrd logo Expand the possibilities of Wandrd backpacks The clever design of Wandrd backpacks means that you can combine them with additional accessories. You can easily attach the carry straps to special mounting points, gaining additional space for a carrimat, jacket or tripod. Quality and safety The Wandrd accessory trouser straps are made of high-quality nylon. Thanks to the sturdy metal carabiners, you will effectively secure the equipment and accessories you connect to your backpack. They also feature a double adjustment system allowing you to precisely adjust the length to suit your current needs. Fast-release For the sake of the fastest possible access to your equipment and accessories, the trouser straps from Wandrd are equipped with a special magnetic buckle. This guarantees security, but also allows for quick and convenient detachment. Take care of your visibility! Every luminous piece of your clothing means a greater chance of being visible after dark. The accessory straps from Wandr are great for night travel, as they are decorated with the brand's stylish, reflective logos. Lifetime guarantee The creators of the Wandrd brand take responsibility for their customers and the environment very seriously. They have created products that will last for centuries. Great workmanship and top-quality materials will ensure that their creation will stay in your hands for years, instead of ending up in landfill. Wander more, worry less! Wandrd is a promise of excellent quality. Specification model: Wandrd accessory trouser straps warranty: lifetime colour: green material: nylon dimensions: 45.7 x 2.5 cm weight: 70 g Compatibility Wandrd Prvke and All-new Prvke backpacks Wandrd Duo Daypack photo backpack Kit contents 2 Wandrd straps for carrying accessories, in green

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