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Roidmi X30 Pro vertikalus dulkių siurblys

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  • Varlė kodas 17330262
  • Liko tik: 4 vnt.
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Roidmi X30 Pro vertikalus dulkių siurblys

  • rating 0.0/5
  • Pardavė
  • Varlė kodas 17330262
  • Liko tik: 4 vnt.
315.99  €

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Pirkti su SB lizingas  31.60 €/mėn x10
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315.99  €
31. 60 €/mėn x 10
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315.99  €

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31. 60 €/mėn x10 mokėjimų
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Pirkti su SB lizingas  31.60 €/mėn x10
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Roidmi X30 Power - a reliable new generation hoover

The Roidmi X30 Power is a new, improved hoover that will surprise you with its capabilities. An even more powerful 120,000 rpm motor, an even greater suction power of 26,500 Pa and an even more durable battery with 70 minutes of operation - check out what makes this innovative device stand out.





Enjoy unlimited mobility

With the Roidmi X30 Power cordless hoover you can reach almost anywhere. Forget the annoying, tangled cable that restricts your mobility - this problem will no longer affect you. The lightness of the unit also works in your favour - it's easy to move it between rooms, upstairs or pick up to collect dust and cobwebs from the ceiling. The Roidmi X30 Power can also be used as both a vertical hoover and a small handheld hoover - customise it conveniently and enjoy the freedom you need.





Roidmi X30 Power - hoover and mop in one!

Vacuuming and mopping simultaneously? It is possible! Thanks to the new, antibacterial and easy to install water tank, you can combine the two and save valuable time. The intelligent system ensures that the mop will automatically draw the optimum amount of water to retain the moisture required for effective cleaning and prevent dripping.





Brushes for every occasion

Customise your hoover to your needs. The interchangeable brushes included in the Roidmi X30 Power kit will enable you to clean comprehensively and conveniently. You can easily vacuum large areas as well as small, inaccessible corners. Find out how many possibilities there are with just one hoover!





Innovative floor brush

The new V-shaped Nex-V brush will allow you to clean floors effectively. Waterproof, antimicrobial, rotatable and equipped with an anti-tangle system, it will be your best ally in the fight for a clean home. With its help you can thoroughly vacuum almost all types of floors - wooden floors, tiles, carpets and even carpets. Thanks to its unique shape, it effectively cleans even those places where a regular brush often leaves dirt - such as gaps between tiles. No dirt will hide from it!





Say goodbye to the mites!

Mites are not only a threat to allergy sufferers - everyone should avoid contact with these harmful arachnids. Get rid of them with the special brush that comes with the kit. Roidmi X30 Power is suitable for vacuuming beds, pillows, mattresses and sofas. The right tip will effectively remove dangerous mites.




Crevice brush that will make your life easier

Are you annoyed by hard-to-reach, small nooks and crannies, where almost impossible to remove dirt often collects? With Roidmi X30 Power you will quickly forget about this problem. A special crevice brush will allow you to easily clean even the smallest surfaces and spaces. You can easily get rid of dust and rubbish from corners, windows, sofas and many other places. No dirt can hide from you - the Roidmi X30 Power crevice brush will find it and vacuum it for you!




Small brush for special tasks

The small brush is ideal for cleaning uneven or hard to reach surfaces. It will safely vacuum the keyboard, lamps, curtains and selected areas in the car.



Animal hairbrush - get rid of the problems!

If there is an animal in your home, you know for sure that the coat it loses can be difficult to clean, and often causes an allergy. Roidmi X30 Power will help you solve these problems. With the help of a special brush, you can easily vacuum away dead hairs from your cat or dog before they fall out of his coat, getting rid of not only their hair but also the allergens they contain.





Practical rubber hose

A rubber hose will also make cleaning easier, with which you can extend the end of the hoover and get to more distant or hard to reach places. This makes it easy to clean your home.





Find out more

Roidmi X30 Power is equipped with an intelligent colour display that will provide you with all the necessary information. Among other things, it will tell you how many calories you burn when you clean, the power with which the device works, as well as checking the battery status and the level of filling of the dirt tank. A dedicated application will also provide you with useful information, with which you can integrate your hoover. It will help you get to know the Roidmi X30 Power and optimise your cleaning.




Improved interior design

See for yourself the possibilities of a brushless motor with a speed of up to 120 000 rpm and suction power of 26500 pa. The extraordinary performance of this hoover enables you to clean efficiently and quickly. You can easily get rid of even the most stubborn particles of dust, rubbish or crumbs - the Roidmi X30 Power pulls them in with tornado force.



Noise level reduced to a minimum

Triple noise reduction ensures quiet operation of the hoover. Its volume level does not exceed 83 dB. This allows you to say goodbye to annoying noise that disturbs your peace of mind. With Roidmi X30 Power you will enjoy a quiet, comfortable cleaning.




New, better battery

The improved lithium battery provides up to 70 minutes of vacuuming time. This is enough to clean a flat of up to 450 m² without having to recharge. Forget about weak, fast-discharging batteries - the Roidmi X30 Power will delight you with its long-lasting performance.





Increased protection against dust and bacteria

With Roidmi you will create a clean, bacteria and allergen-free environment. The USSR's quadruple sterilisation system will keep you and your family safe. The ionic antibacterial filter will protect you from germs and the six-stage filtration will eliminate the problem of dust and harmful contaminants. You no longer have to worry about your health - Roidmi X30 Power will help you take care of it..





Limited contact with pollutants

The spacious 0.55-litre dust container can be emptied easily and quickly without touching the dirt - just press one button! Both the container and filter parts can also be washed to keep them clean and fresh.





Holder and charger in one - save time and space

The magnetic holder included in the package will make it easier for you to store your hoover and will also work as a wireless charger. Charge it when you're not using it and when it's just standing still - saving you time and space in your home!





Timeless design

Roidmi X30 Power is available in 2 colour versions. Silver will delight you with its futuristic style and will be a fashionable addition to your home. White draws attention to its versatility and elegance - it will fit perfectly into the character of any interior. Choose the one that best suits your preferences and enjoy a functional yet beautiful hoover!



In the boxVacuum Cleaner ROIDMI X30 Power (Pro)

Aluminium pipeAdditional flexible pipeFloor brushCrevice brushMattress brushMopping toolLittle brushCleaning toolAdditional filterMagnetic wall mountPower supplyUser manual



Product name

ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X30 Power




1.5 kg

Engine speed

120,000 rpm

Working time

70 min

Suction power

26,500 Pa



Charging time

2.5 h

Dust Cup Capacity

0.55 l






24 months


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  • Gamintojas Roidmi
  • Modelis XCQ28RM

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Pasak specialistų, elektrinės šluotos buvo sukurtos galvojant apie maksimaliai greitą ir patogų naudojimą. Šiuo metu dauguma jų yra belaidės, o savo patogios konstrukcijos, kurioje nėra laidų ir vamzdžių, dėka visada gali būti po ranka. Elektrinės šluotos puikiai pasiteisina kaip įrenginiai itin greitam valymui nenumatytose situacijose.

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Taip pat labai svarbi yra baterijos įtampa. Galingiausios elektrinės šluotos pajėgios užtikrinti tokius pat valymo efektus, kaip ir tradiciniai dulkių siurbliai, maitinami is elektros lizdo. Didesnė įtampa taip pat reiškia ilgesnį baterijos veikimo laiką. dulkių siurblių specialistai rekomenduoja rinktis modelius, kurie siūlo mažiausiai 18 …

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Technologijų rinka vystosi žaibišku greičiu. Šiuo metu projektuojami įrenginiai yra aprūpinami vis išmanesnėmis sistemomis ir vis pažengesniais sprendimais, o viskas tik vardan didesnio mūsų gyvenimo patogumo. Vienas tokių įrenginių yra valymo robotai. Pasak buitinės technikos ekspertų, šių įrenginių populiarumas auga kaip ant mielių. Skaityti daugiau

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