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Icy Dock We-Ra. IcyDock 8.9cm SATAI-III in 1x5,25" MB171SP-B sw

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Tray-less designs have always been a trade-off between convenience and security, but that’s not the case for TurboSwap MB171SP-B. The ICYDOCK TurboSwap MB171SP-B keeps all the benefits of the tray-less design with superior build quality, improved cooling efficiency and its unique shock absorbing design for maximum stability. It fits any standard 5.25” bay and is built rugged with all metal design to take a beating. This lockable mobile rack is designed for rugged applications such as medical & military systems, industrial PCs and servers. It includes features such as drive power button, ultra-slim 80mm cooling fan, fan speed control and optional screw holes for an add-on 120mm cooling fan which can be great for gamers and power users seeking a hot-swap bay built in to their system with SATA III support.\n\nThe benefits of tray-less combined with stability\nThere are many benefits to having a tray-less design; it allows you to quickly swap the drives without the fuss of rewiring or installing trays onto your drives. Reliability and stability of tray-less mechanisms are always a concern as it’s necessary to add moving parts. The TurboSwap MB171SP-B takes this into consideration and allows you to hot-swap drives within seconds, while maintaining outstanding drive stability and overall reliability. The Ultra-Flex shock absorbing kit provides excellent drive support whether it’s a half-height drive or a full size drive; it stabilizes the drive and absorbs vibrations. For increased reliability, we’ve simplified and reengineered the ejection mechanism with all metal arms to create a strong product that’s built to last. Setup is incredibly simple: just insert this unit into a single 5.25” bay, secure the unit in with screws, plug a 15pin power cable + 7 pin SATA cable, and you’re good to go.\n\nIncrease the lifespan of your drives\nBoth performance and drive life expectancy decrease when heat increases so it’s best to keep your drive cool. Our included ultra slim 80mm fan is mounted beneath the rack to allow sufficient cooling for all types of applications. Whether you’re running a server that’s constantly under heavy load or media system that’s running 24/7, you’ll be able to rest at ease knowing your drives aren’t overheating. We’ve also added fan control to allow user management, so controlling drive temperatures will be as easy as pressing a button. If you have a need to customize the units by adding an aftermarket 80mm or larger 120mm fan, go right on ahead --we’ve added the necessary screw hole spacing for this purpose. Individual power control allows you to turn off your HDD with the touch of a button which can help you preserve the life of your drives.\n\nSecurity Matters\nIf your environment demands the toughest and most robust parts, then you’ll be more than satisfied with our MB171SP-B TurboSwap. There are other benefits to having all metal design, besides the obvious sturdiness. The unit acts as a giant heat sink to disperse heat from the drive to keep your drives cool. The TurboSwap is also perfect for industries that require a certain flammability rating since its all metal design abides to these requirements. It’s a great choice for military or medical servers.\n\nWith standard hot swappable drive racks, you run the risk of an unauthorized personnel being able to quickly swipe crucial data within the blink of an eye. Using our MB171SP-B TurboSwap allows you to lock your drive in place to prevent theft or tampering to your drives. We’re one of the few companies that integrate barrel locks and keys in our devices which further increase security. This barrel locking mechanism along with the all metal tough design allows you to add an extra layer to your data protection –which is required for most businesses.
Icy Dock
LED indikatoriai
Duomenų perdavimo sparta
6 Gbit/s
41.2 mm
Produkto spalva
173 mm
Icy Dock MB171SP-B. Number of fans: 1 fan(s), Fan diameter: 8 cm, Data transfer rate: 6 Gbit/s. Width: 41.2 mm, Depth: 145.8 mm, Height: 173 mm
145.8 mm
458.8 g
Ventiliatorių skaičius
1 fan(s)
Ventiliatoriaus skersmuo
8 cm
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