Icy Dock We-Ra. IcyDock 4x6,3cm SAS/SATA HDD&SSD in 1x5,25" retail

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flexiDOCK brings the quality and ease-of-use of a professional solution to the consumer market. With support for up to four 2.5" hard drives or SSDs, the MB524SP-B needs only a single 5.25" bay. Our new tray-less design has no doors, allowing for drives to be switched out in seconds. This is an improvement to many traditional hard drive docking stations that leave the drive sticking out and looking cluttered. The easy to press ejection button offers rapid drive ejection in a smooth, quick action. Individual power buttons for each bay allow drives to be turned on and off in an instant. The metal body with an air ventilating design works together with the adjustable 40mm fan to provide quiet operation while keeping your drives at optimal temperature.\n\nThe flexiDOCK MB524SP-B is the perfect solution for anyone who needs quick access to data from multiple hard drives or SSDs; Media professionals editing and moving large files, data recovery specialists constantly swapping drives, and IT technicians maintaining regular backups of critical data.\n\nThe World’s First Professional Docking in a 5.25” Bay\n\nflexiDOCK brings the convenience of a HDD docking station, with the performance of a HDD mobile rack. The MB524SP-B turns your unused 5.25” bay into a quad bay SSD / HDD dock to easily use multiple drives together. flexiDOCK installs into your system in minutes with only a few screws, and is ready to operate. Once installed, the flexiDOCK MB524SP-B supports up to 4x 2.5” SAS/SATA HDD/SSD drives from 5mm to 9.5mm in height. It also supports SATA 6Gbps transfer speeds and hot-swap functionality, using your drives to their full extent has never been easier.\n\nDifferent by Design\n\nWhen working with multiple drives, constantly swapping between drive caddies / trays can slow your workflow to a crawl. That’s why we’ve taken trays and doors completely out of the equation with our new flexiDOCK MB524SP-B. Our new system allows drives to be inserted in seconds and sit flush with the computer's front panel, reducing clutter and protecting your drives from environmental hazards. When a drive is inserted into flexiDOCK, an eject button is revealed along with a LED drive activity light. To eject your drive, simply press the eject button back in and your drive will pop out. You can also turn off each drive’s power anytime by pressing the tamper-proof power button.\n\nProfession Specific\n\nWith the new design that allows users to quickly and easily change out SSDs or drives. Video professionals and hobbyists use this feature to quickly edit their videos, when large projects call for multiple drives. Gamers enjoy the ability to easily add more SSD storage to their system, without having to take apart their computer and fumble with wires. IT professionals and computer repair technicians use this feature to quickly test multiple drives at the same time. System builders use flexiDOCK to keep different operating systems physically separate, increasing performance and security in their applications.\n\nBuilt for the Features\n\nWe’ve designed flexiDOCK to handle professional applications, while maintaining a consumer-friendly price point. The included 40mm cooling fan's speed is easily adjustable, with a handy fan speed control on the front of the unit. This allows you to lower the fan speed during normal operation and increase the speed under heavy use, reducing noise output and keeping drives cool when they need it.\n\nIndividual drive power buttons can shut drives down safely, saving power and increasing security. All four drives can be powered from a single 15 pin power connector, which reduces the clutter usually caused by multiple drives. flexiDOCK also supports latching power and data cables, ensuring drives do not accidentally disconnect during operation. Hybrid of full metal chassis with strong ABS plastic internal components are built to last and provide the best protection along with a full 3-year warranty against all defects.\n\nSuggested Applications\n\nData backup, drive cloning, audio & video editing, digital forensics, drive recovery, mobile computers, datacenter / rack mount systems, and any application where hot-swap is required.
Icy Dock
Varžtai pridedami
Icy Dock flexiDOCK MB524SP-B. Size: 13.3 cm (5.25"), Type: Carrier panel, HDD size: 2.5". Width: 146 mm, Depth: 147.6 mm, Height: 41.3 mm. Package weight: 666.3 g
Veikimo temperatūra (t-t)
0 - 60 °C
Santykinė darbo drėgmė (h-h)
5 - 65 %
147.6 mm
146 mm
Sandėliavimo temperatūros norma (T-T)
-35 - 70 °C
41.3 mm
Pakuotės svoris
666.3 g
Produkto spalva
558.3 g
Number of hdds supported
HDD dydis
2.5 "
RoHS atitikimas
Size (imperial)
13.3 cm
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