Icy Dock MB608SP-B - 5,9.5 mm - 1 fan(s) - 4 cm - HDD,Power - Juodas - Metal

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Introducing the Icy Dock ToughArmor MB608SP-B full metal 6 bay 2.5" SATA 6Gbps hard drive or SSD removable rugged drive enclosure for use in a single external 5.25" bay. The MB608SP-B is predicated off the incredibly popular ruggedized mobile rack ToughArmor MB996SP-6SB, while taking its general concept, but built with cost effective structure without sacrificing anything in the way of strength. For better compatibility, the original 4 pin power connector has been replaced with a more, popularly used, 15 pin SATA power connector, and reducing cable clutter. The MB608SP-B takes 6 x 2.5" SAS/SATA HDD/SSD from 5mm to 9.5mm height, and supports hot swap for quick and easy drive replacements. The single 40mm cooling fans has an additional 3-Mode Fan Speed control, allowing the best flexibility – Turn off / low when using SSD’s and high when using mechanical SATA hard drives. The MB608SP-B is constructed of rugged robust metal to survive the most demanding conditions making it a perfect storage upgrade kit for medical & military systems, embedded system, HPC (high performance c¬omputer) system and industrial PC.\n\nIndustrial Construction Ready\nEnsuring drive protection and longevity are the foundation of a high-quality data storage system design/build. The MB608SP-B is capable of withstanding the harshest environments due to its rugged heavy duty full metal construction from the outer shell to the inner trays. The ToughArmor's full metal design is perfect for industrial and medical systems that may require a flammability rating as the full metal design is considered to already comply with most requirements.\n\nVersatile & Durable Drive Trays\nThe MB608SP-B utilizes our EZ Slide Micro trays, making drive interchangeability and maintenance completely hassle free. The trays are built using rugged full metal so that they are durable for many lifetimes, but will not weigh you down when transporting your data from system to system. The EZ Slide Micro tray is featuring a full range drive protection design; the top drive cover provides added protection while moving the drive. The trays are designed to accommodate 5mm, 7mm & 9.5mm drives giving you the ultimate universal 2.5" SAS/SATA drive support with hot-swap function.\n\nMultifunctional Applications\nUtilizing its small form factor, the ToughArmor MB608SP-B is perfect for use in small form factor system or system that requires multiple drives with limited physical space. With its high density drive design and limited number of 5.25" drive bays available, it is a perfect combo to create a RAID 6 or RAID 10 systems with ease. Also, it is built to function in the most demanding environments including military and law enforcement deployment, as well as manufacturing conditions such as embedded control systems and factory automation systems. The full metal design makes it ideal for placement in tough environments.\n\nAbsolute Control of your 2.5” hard drive or SSD\nBringing more utility to your hard drives or SSDs, LED’s are installed into the front of the mobile rack to provide individual drive status information at all times. Active Power Technology (APT) allows each LED and the cooling fan to be active only when a hard drive is inserted into the enclosure.\n\nA high performance 40mm cooling fan is placed directly at the center of the rear panel, providing equivalent airflow throughout the entire cage. In addition, a 3-Mode Fan Speed Control has been added to be flexible in various situations, depending on your usage - you may need the fan to be at a higher speed, or completely off for silent operation.\n\nNever forget which drives belong in what bays. With our individual drive ID labels you’ll always know which drive tray belongs in your RAID array or which drive contains certain files. Freely unplug and rearrange them to better suit your configuration or simply remove them for a more simplified look.\n\nThe ToughArmor MB608SP-B supports both 7-pin SATA data and 15-pin SATA power cables with locking latches so you’ll never need to worry about cables unintentionally disconnecting from your enclosure. Once these cables are connected, they’ll lock into place and stay that way.
Icy Dock
Icy Dock MB608SP-B. Supported storage drive heights: 5,9.5 mm, Number of fans: 1 fan(s), Fan diameter: 4 cm. Width: 146 mm, Depth: 170 mm, Height: 41.3 mm
41.3 mm
146 mm
Produkto spalva
Palaikomi atminties įrenginio aukščiai
5,9.5 mm
170 mm
865 g
Ventiliatorių skaičius
1 fan(s)
External sata ports quantity
LED indikatoriai
Ventiliatoriaus skersmuo
4 cm
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