Icy Dock Backplane IcyDock 2x6,3cm SATAI-III in 1x5,25" HDD/SSD retail

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ToughArmor MB602SPO-B\n\nIntroducing the ToughArmor MB602SPO-B ruggedized mobile rack for hot-swapping 2x SATA/SAS SSDs and HDDs up to 15mm in height, and 1x Slim 12.7mm or Ultra-Slim 9.5mm CD/DVD/Blu-ray ROM optical disk drive reader for the external 5.25" bay. Featuring industrial full-metal construction inside and out, and designed for commercial applications such as military and medical systems, airborne and shipboard PCs, in-vehicle systems, servers, workstations, and mobile computer systems. Maintain optimal drive temperatures with the user-configurable 40mm cooling fan and plenty of ventilation holes throughout the enclosure. Advanced removable trays with anti-vibration protect drives in harsh environments, and built-in individual status LEDs give you drive updates at a glance.\n\nMaximize Space-Efficiency\n\nThe high-density design of ToughArmor MB602SPO-B packs two full-height 2.5" SSD/HDD hot-swap bays and one Slim/Ultra-Slim CD/DVD/Blu-ray ROM optical disk drive into a single 5.25" drive bay, perfect for space-sensitive applications such as powerhouse PC, portable military workstation, and rackmount industrial PC. MB602SPO-B's newly designed optical drive bracket features an adaptable design to support any Slim 12.7mm or Ultra-Slim 9.5mm CD/DVD/Blu-Ray ROM optical disk drive reader. MB602SPO-B's tray is designed to support HDDs and SSDs up to 15mm in height, making them compatible with SAS drives as well as SATA drives. SAS drives are used in enterprise applications such as long-term archival for their long lifespan, higher reliability, and faster rotational speeds up to 15,000 RPM for fast data access. All SAS drives are supported, including Seagate Exos, HGST Ultrastar C series, and Dell, HPE, and Toshiba SAS drives.\n\nDesigned for Versatility\n\nWhether you're using a slim or an ultra-slim disk drive, installation is easy using the conveniently labeled screw holes. Once connected, simply secure the built-in screw and your drive is locked into place. This ensures that your optical disk drive reader stays put, even under heavy movement or vibrations. When using an Ultra-Slim (9.5mm) optical reader, the included foam spacer can be installed on top of the ODD for a cleaner look. When it's time to replace or upgrade your CD/DVD/Blu-ray optical disk drive reader, removal is just as easy. When the bracket screw is loosened, the spring-loaded ejection arm is revealed. Simply pull the ejection arm to remove the optical disk drive from the enclosure.\n\nBuilt Tough\n\nICY DOCK's ToughArmor uses a ruggedized full-metal construction throughout the enclosure and trays, and this trend continues with the MB602SPO-B. ToughArmor is specifically designed for industrial applications operating in strenuous conditions, such as in military and medical applications, avionics systems, factory and warehouse machinery, and any application requiring a flammability rating. For extra protection, the EZ-slide trays are fully constructed with metal provided maximum protection to your valuable SSD inside and outside of the unit. Anti-vibration technology built into the tray reduces vibration from mechanical hard drives, reducing noise and protecting drives from vibration damage. On top of that, the tray is also equipped with EMI grounding mechanism to provide a stable environment for the hard drives or SSDs used to perform at its best. For drive security, the eagle-hook latching design holds drives securely while in use, and makes ejection as easy as pushing a button.\n\nPacked with Features\n\nTo prevent the build-up of dust, which over time can clog internal connectors and inhibit airflow, the included dust cover protects the enclosure when an optical drive is not in use. When you're ready to install an CD/DVD/Blu-ray optical disk drive, the dust cover is easily removed without tools or screws. Individual LED lights for each bay give you drive status updates at a glance, letting you know when your drives are powered on or in use. A user-controllable 40mm cooling fan works with the ample ventilation holes in the tray and chassis to remove as much heat as possible and keep drives running at optimal temperatures. The fan can be set to high for intense mechanical HDD applications, low for use with cooler SSDs, and can be shut off completely to be cooled by the computers built-in cooling system. Support for SATA data and power cables with locking latch designs, so you'll never have to worry about cables accidently disconnecting while in use. Once these cables are connected, they'll stay locked into place until manually removed, providing a reliable power and data connection.
Icy Dock
Varžtai pridedami
154.2 mm
Ventiliatoriaus skersmuo
4 cm
LED indikatoriai
Palaikomi atminties įrenginio aukščiai
9.5,12.7 mm
Veikimo temperatūra (t-t)
0 - 60 °C
Ventiliatorių skaičius
1 fan(s)
Santykinė darbo drėgmė (h-h)
5 - 65 %
Produkto spalva
146 mm
RoHS atitikimas
Sandėliavimo temperatūros norma (T-T)
-35 - 70 °C
41.3 mm
Pakuotės svoris
796.4 g
705 g
Duomenų perdavimo sparta
12 Gbit/s
Icy Dock MB602SPO-B. Supported storage drive heights: 9.5,12.7 mm, Number of fans: 1 fan(s), Fan diameter: 4 cm. Width: 146 mm, Depth: 154.2 mm, Height: 41.3 mm. Package weight: 796.4 g
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