Icy Box Schutzbox Icy für Speicherkarten

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Protection box for memory cards\nThe ICY BOX protection box is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. It has a sturdy and resilient cover and custom-made and moulded foam inserts inside, which hold selected memory cards and protect them from shocks, dust and splash water. The silicone sealing ring effectively keeps dust and moisture away from the protective box. In addition, the ergonomic locking clip allows easy opening and closing. A reliable utensil for storing and transporting your sensitive memory cards.\n\nRugged\nSensible protective housings are essential for the security of your data media. They help you to keep all your memory cards in one place, clearly arranged and easily accessible. The IB-AC620-CR has been designed to provide maximum protection and can be transported in a versatile way using the snap hook.\n\nPerfectly tailored\nThe IB-AC620-CR is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. It has a stable and robust housing with specially designed and moulded foam inserts, so that selected memory cards are inserted and protected against shocks, dust and humidity.\n\nProtection is mandatory\nICY BOX has perfectly realized the challenge to store memory cards safely and to allow easy access. With the included SIM tool the cards can be safely removed from their specially shaped storage place. The protective silicone sealing ring and the ergonomic locking clip are the icing on the top for maximum protection.
Icy Box
114 g
Pakuotės aukštis
35 mm
Pakuotės svoris
186 g
30 mm
Quantity per master (outer) case
60 pc(s)
Apsaugos savybės
Dust resistant, Shock resistant, Splash proof
ICY BOX IB-AC620-CR. Case type: Messenger case, Material: Polycarbonate, Silicone. Weight: 114 g. Product colour: Black, Grey
Produkto spalva
Juoda, pilka
Dėklo tipas
Messenger case
125 mm
Pakuotės plotis
100 mm
Polycarbonate, Silicone
Master (outer) case weight
12.1 kg
83 mm
Pakuotės gylis
200 mm
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