Venita Herbal Hair Color herbal hair dye 4.0 Brown 100g

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Natural herbs, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine and the philosophy of healthy living, have power coming from the depths of nature.Free from any chemical additives, give us what is most valuable.long-term effect with a natural invisible line of regrowth and adequately snatch gray hair and the ability to combine parts for individual color and thicken the hair and increase its volume and do not contain plastic dyes and optimal for people with sensitive skinrecommended for Vegan and safe coloring.brilliant, nourished, healthy looking hair.Cstysta Cassia (Neutral (Senna / Cassia)outstanding for delicate hair, as well as for weakened hair after hairdressing treatments. Regenerates, thickens, increases volume. On thin or particularly lightened hair it can give a slightly yellowish or greenish hue, so we recommend not a strand test before coloring the entire hair.Pure Henna-strengthens and rebuilds the hair structure, excellent for getting light shades on hair from red to red. On dark hair, it gives shades of red brown or mahoganyPure Indigo-ideal for dark hair, the color of which deepens by adding bluish shades. Indigo can give a greenish tinge to blond, gray or solidly bleached hair, therefore it is recommended to pre-color the hair with pure henna (6.46). The next day, you can use pure Indigo (1.11) or a mixture (3.0,4.0).TIPS:when applied to gray hair, unusually light or damaged shade obtained may differ from the catalog. Therefore, we recommend conducting a trial dyeing on a hair strand. To do this, apply the appropriate amount of preparation to the selected strand of hair, leave it for the time specified in the method of use, rinse the preparation with the strand and rate the effect.Do not use immediately before and after the perm, dyeing and bleaching, In this case, wait about 2 weeks. The effect of dyeing depends on the individual susceptibility of hair and their initial color. Protect face and neck from staining, e.g. with cream. Protect clothes against soiling.APPLICATION:Carefully mix the herbs with water to obtain a uniform, creamy consistency - no lumps.Wash hair with ordinary shampoo (without silicones).Before applying herbs to the hair, check that the mass temperature is comfortable for the skin. Lower the temperature too high, and raise it too low.Once the temperature is right for your skin, apply the herb mass evenly to washed damp or dry hair, from root to tip, strand by band.After applying the herbs, cover your head with a shower cap and wrap with a towel to keep warm.The intensity of the resulting color depends on maintaining a high temperature and duration of action on the hair.DURATION:Neutral Senna / Cassia nutrient) - from 60 minutes to a maximum of 6 hours6.46 Henna, 1.11 Indigo Black, 3.0 Black Chocolate, 4.0 Brown, 4.34 Nut Brown - 30 minutes to 2 hoursAfter this time, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water (do not use shampoo and conditioner).Dry and style your hair as you love.Do not wash your hair for 48 hours, because it creates a natural color on the hair. Does not apply to Neutral (Senna / Cassia).Remember that the final color may be slightly different from that obtained immediately after dyeing. Does not apply to Neutral (Senna / Cassia).The package contains: 100 g of natural herbs, a swimming cap, protective gloves, instructions for use

Herbal hair color
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Venita Color S.O.S. plaukų dažai šaknims Brown 75ml

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