Skaičiuotuvas Canon F-789 SGA EXP sidabrinis

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Canon F-789SGA\nThe high-end scientific calculator that won’t let you down.\n\nSimplify complicated equations with the F-789SGA scientific calculator, parts built from recycled Canon materials and packed with advanced functions. An anti-bacterial keyboard safeguards health too.\n\nBenefits\n- Anti-bacterial keypad;\n- High-end capability;\n- 605 advanced functions;\n- Simplifies complicated equations;\n- Dual power: solar and replaceable battery;\n- Four-year battery life (under 300lux environment and 1hour operation per day);\n- With hard case.\n\nSetting new standards in hygiene\nHygiene in schools and colleges is a vitally important issue. Now Canon’s anti-bacterial scientific calculator helps eliminate potential health care problems, thanks to an approved inorganic antimicrobial agent* applied to the plastic key tops. This reduces the growth of bacteria that can build up on calculator keys – especially in active school surroundings. This makes the F-789SGA an excellent choice for Primary, High School and University student use.\n\nEnergy-saving efficiency\nThe F-789SGA features a practical dual power source. Solar power ensures maximum energy saving, whilst back-up battery power means this calculator never lets you down whatever the light conditions. The ‘auto power-off’ function switches the calculator off when not touched or not in use after 7 minutes, saving even more energy. Also this calculator has a replaceable battery for a long life, typically four years, unlike some calculators that have to be disposed of after single battery use.\n\nHigh-end scientific calculator\nThe F-789SGA is the first high-end Textbook Style Display model in Canon’s scientific category. It comes with 605 advanced functions, including 79 built-in constants and 172 patterns of unit conversion. The metallic silver upper case and thin body reflect a professional image. The LCD display measures 60mm by 25mm. As well as students, it is suitable for teachers, engineers and other professionals.\n\nPowerful memory functions\nAdditional functions include 19 memories, up to 4x4 Matrix calculations and Equation operation – this is one of the most powerful specifications on the market. All of these functions simplify complicated calculations.\n\nLong life, clean and green\nThe F-789SGA has unique features and emphasizes Canon’s commitment to safeguarding the environment. Parts of the hard case, bottom case and battery cover of the F-789SGA are manufactured from recycled Canon materials.
TipasSkaičiuotuvo ekranas
Produkto spalvaPilka
Skaitmenys18 skaitmenys(ų)
Ekrano pakreipimasNe
Rodomų eilučių skaičius1 linijos
Ekrano dydis (hxv)61 x 25 mm
Displėjaus simbolių dydis96 x 31 mm
Energijos valdymas
Maitinimo šaltinisBaterija / saulės energija
Palaikomų baterijų skaičius1
Baterijos tipasCr2032
Baterijos technologijaLitis
Automatinis išjungimasTaip
Svoris ir matmenys
Plotis86 mm
Ilgis171 mm
Aukštis17,3 mm
Svoris120 g
(fiziniams asmenims)
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